Botswana Institute for Clinical Laboratory Professionals

Advancing Professional Integrity through Practice, Education and Research

Our Vision, Mission, Objectives

Our Vision:

To be an internationally recognized organization characterised by professional excellence and integrity in clinical laboratory practice

Our Mission:

To develop, promote and advocate for professional excellence in clinical laboratory practice
Our Principal Objectives are to:

  • Promote the development of quality clinical laboratory practice standards within clinical laboratories
  • Promote adherence to quality clinical laboratory practice standards
  • Enhance customer care and safety
  • Develop professional, national and international, networks
  • Advocate on behalf of clinical laboratory professionals
  • Represent clinical laboratory professionals in statutory bodies, consultancies, and other relevant fora
  • Promote unity among clinical laboratory professionals
  • Create a forum to enhance professional development, research, publications, and any form of information sharing
  • Train or promote training of clinical laboratory professionals



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